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Little Tigers

 Our Little Tiger class is a fun Taekwondo class for ages 4 to 5.
Rather than improving Taekwondo skills, we help develop their physical abilities properly by combining children's sports with Taekwondo.
Also, it develops social skills through various cooperative movements with other friends.


Children & Juniors

This is the most common form of Taekwondo training. Through Taekwondo, students achieve balanced physical development and fitness, as well as positive mental development, including increased confidence, cooperation, concentration, goal-setting, and respect. This kind of education can also positively impact their academic performance. For juniors aged 12 years and older, we provide comprehensive training on Taekwondo skills to deepen their appreciation of Taekwondo as a martial art.



Taekwondo is not only for children. Adults over the age of 18 can also benefit from practicing Taekwondo, which promotes physical health and proper weight management through active exercise. Learning Taekwondo as a hobby can also help alleviate the stress of daily life. In addition, by learning self-defense techniques, you can protect both yourself and your family from potential danger.



It's unlikely that you and your child can participate in the same sports team, but you can train together side by side at our Taekwondo school. This is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate and respect each other's abilities and learn from one another. As a parent, you can set an invaluable example for your child by showing the importance of regular exercise.

Moreover, Taekwondo is excellent at creating a strong family bond. You and your family can share the joy of seeing each other advance and move on to a new belt. It's an accomplishment that the entire family can take pride in!

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